Welcome to ‘The Kind Earth’, an initiative born out of love, respect, and gratitude for Mother Earth. We felt an immediate need to address the global environmental crisis and to do our bit in the sustainable line of work. After careful research and development, we have nurtured a line of products that are organic, biodegradable, chemical-free, and sustainable.

At ‘The Kind Earth’ we craft environmentally friendly products that are considered a daily necessity. Our main focus has been to eradicate single use plastics, particularly straws.

We have teamed up with the talented tribals and artisans from across the nation to create immaculate bamboo, bamboo grass, and wheat straws. With the future of plastic looking bleak, and rightfully so, we have recognised bamboo and wheat as two sustainable and economical options going forward. 

We continue to invest in research and development of innovative products that are gentle on the planet. At ‘The Kind Earth’, we aim to find a sustainable alternative to all our daily essentials.

All our products are crafted consciously and are handmade by the rural, tribal populace. In doing so, we have been able to provide a livelihood to a rather unrecognised sect of our nation. We hope to inspire and educate a community of compassionate individuals to join us on our journey to preserve this beautiful planet.

‘The Kind Earth’ concept was conceived after we travelled across the world, and witnessed all the wonderful initiatives organisations and individuals have implemented to curb the plastic menace.

We realised how simple it all really is! Nature has provided us with abundant resources to create functional and usable items, but somewhere along the way, we lost ourselves to the invention of synthetic material.

What we hope to do is to bring back all of natures’ wonders, starting with our organic, biodegradable, and compostable straws. Make the switch to our plant based straws, that’s brought to you straight from the Himalayas!


‘The Kind Earth’ was formed with the sole purpose of leaving a positive footprint on our planet. A manufacturer of environmentally friendly products, we started off by addressing the need to eradicate single use plastic and paper straws, by creating bamboo straws. We then realised that there was an increasing demand, which we tackled by widening our product range.

We work closely with several farming communities across India, and ensure to maintain an ethical and cooperative relationship with the tribals and artisans. We provide employment and financial support to a hidden sect of the Indian society, and take great pride in doing so.

We started our journey with bamboo straws, a product we designed to be practical, feasible, and aesthetically pleasing. We will continue to invest in research and development of environmentally friendly products that constitute as our daily necessities, in a way to encourage everyone to lead a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle.

We are proud to be a part of a community that is taking mindful steps towards preserving what is left of our beautiful planet.