We make our wheat straws from wheat stalks, which is a natural byproduct of the wheat grain harvesting process. We developed this concept as we realised that wheat stems are an agricultural waste product, which is usually burnt after the grain is harvested. Hence, we decided to turn this waste into something usable!
The straws are carefully created with precision and love right from the very start. The process involves harvesting, cutting the stalks, soaking them, sterilising, and finally, air-drying them in the sun. Because the straws are a 100% natural, each straw is of a slightly different thickness. Our wheat straws are easily compostable, vegan friendly, and don’t go soggy in your drinks.
They are a no-fuss, flavor-free, eco-friendly alternative to nasty single-use plastic and paper straws. They are also an aesthetic addition to any drink, making them the easiest use and throw option for sipping any drink!