‘The Kind Earth’ is proud to be one of the few low waste, fully sustainable suppliers of eco-friendly products in India. We have the capacity to supply our products to countries around the world, offering a genuine alternative to single-use plastic to both businesses and retail customers alike. We work closely with bamboo and wheat farms across the nation to manufacture our products. Our straws have been certified and FSSAI regulated as fit for human consumption.

Purchase wholesale and join our growing list of cafes, retailers, bars, festivals, event planners, weddings, and be a part of this sustainable living movement towards a plastic-free future.

As an eco-friendly products supplier, we understand how important it is to work with organisations and individuals that share common core values, and ethics. This is why at ‘The Kind Earth’ we have personally overseen the entire manufacturing process, relocating to the source of the raw materials across the country. You can relax in knowing that your straws are biodegradable, ethically produced, chemical-free and completely organic.


Catering supplies to large numbers can often result in a high amount of waste, with regard to single-use plastic packaging and food waste. At ‘The Kind Earth’, while we do understand that it’s almost impossible to rid of complete throwaway culture, we encourage you to make smart decisions.

Weddings and festivities mark important days in our lives, but unfortunately they tend be heavy on the usage of single-use plastic products. This is where we step in, and offer more sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and low waste alternatives.

In the environmentally conscious time we are living in, more couples and individuals are determined to use sustainable products. In addition, event/wedding planners are also adopting eco-friendly ideas to offer solutions and make occasions as low waste as possible. 

For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch, as we will be delighted to discuss ways in which you can make your event more eco-friendly.