Bamboo Tongue Cleaner

Rs. 50

Opt for tongue cleaners that are made of natural material, rather than of plastics and other materials that can be harmful to the body. The bamboo tongue cleaner is filled with the goodness of bamboo and other natural elements.

Our tongue cleaners are completely handcrafted and do not contain any harsh chemicals. Completely biodegradable, natural, and easy to use. 

1. Hand-Crafted.
2. Made of Pure Bamboo
3. 100% Chemical-free.
4. Hygienic.
5. Eco-friendly / biodegradable. 
Extra information
1. Anti-Skid.
2. Deep slots at both ends for better grip.
3. Sterilise in warm water for longer life. 
How to Care?
Store your tongue cleaner in a moisture free area to keep it dry and moisture free.

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